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Women are used as a lure and those beautiful pictures with smiling faces lead you like a magic. Besides profiles they register are not single status, they are in relationship and with children.Young girls that graduated from universities just dream about moving abroad instead of finding a good job and stable position in the society. This is necessary to underline as we’ve heard many agencies used to sell personal contacts of their girls, we consider this to be very risky thing as such members have two ways of their relationship: 1 - crap a job up and never meet. Banking system is effective and established, besides, how do you think a uadreams company with more than 11 years of experience in dating business, having their main office in Ukraine with all documents, certificates and representatives all over the country would really escape from taxes? Indeed current situation in Ukraine connected with war action on annexed territories forced many entrepreneurs to use bank abroad to make all finance operations stable and with no risk for their members, as uadreams does.people who work on behalf of UADreams are trick artists, they get your money off, they make you waste your time and what is more thay ruin your sincere and trustful feelings. Instead it is better for you to invest money to someone from your city or country and never look abroad for online feelings. As I see they are still the same 6 years way of working sophisticated agency doing dishonest things, let scammers act as a system and a sink of iniquity.I do appeal you to stop feeding your enemies by your own means. And I must add that they have bank accounts somewhere far from Ukraine to grow revenue without paying taxes. They look like an angel on their profile photos and may be such ladies can be really good but who knows if their photos are used by devil power.

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Hovewer we do review and appreciate all your opinions. Referring to the last Uadreams review it is difficult to argue about their competence in a dating sphere, they are really on the top of professionals.

However scam issues ruined the top position of many reputable companies, so nowadays it is necessary to analyze activity of modern agencies and understand should we believe them or not?

There is even an opportunity to order the whole service package wholesale, with good discounts.

Credit rates on the main services are rather small.

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Those men who still are single or had unsuccessful relationship experience on are offered personal match.

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