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Brookhaven was transferred to the more secular Hartford-led Connecticut Colony in 1662.Following the English takeover of New Netherland in 1664, the new English colony of New York laid claim to Long Island and brought Brookhaven into its jurisdiction.Its proximity to New York City facilitated the establishment of resort communities and then a post-war population boom.In the 2010 census record Brookhaven contained 486,040 people.During the early stages of the American Revolutionary War, Brookhaven and the rest of Long Island were captured by British forces, and many residents sided with the British as loyalists to the English crown.Nevertheless, Brookhaven had multiple episodes of celebrated American activity during the war.

Richard Woodhull was the direct heir of Eustace de Vesci, a British noble who was a signator of the Magna Charta.Brookhaven is the anglicized name of its first settlement, Setauket.Founded as a group of agricultural hamlets in the mid-17th century, Brookhaven first expanded as a major center of shipbuilding in the 19th century.The verbal division between the smaller hamlet of Setauket and township of Brookhaven was not set until well into the 19th century.A point of confusion is the existence of the hamlet named Brookhaven, which was in fact named for the township in 1879.

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