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Indeed, Plane Crazy “mustered all the lunacy of technologized modernity” and none of its alleged logic or technological security.

Of course, as with his rather conventional attitude towards the more innovative styles of modern art and the fact that he overlooked the immense cultural significance of animation and cinema, these blind-spots can easily be excused as a difference in interest and a rather innocent instance of what, on a jovial note, could be characterized as ‘old-man’s blinkers’.

After all, the anxiety expressed in art from antiquity until roughly the mid-19 century was of a very different, far more physical kind.

Hence, in his struggle to exert agency, modern man struggles to somehow regulate or dominate this uncontrollably manic environment, seemingly in possession of a life and will of its own, echoing the way that forces of nature are often characterized. Telotte puts it, Disney’s films “present us with gags built around the very unavoidability of the natural world and the inevitable links between nature and culture at a time when we were, through a variety of technology and techniques, struggling to separate those realms.” It is in fact unsurprising that in the newly technologized world, the pathos of anguish should be expressed in technological terms.City MD will join Warburg Pincus’ portfolio of healthcare companies, which includes Alignment Healthcare, Complex Care Solutions and Evercare.LUCAS (Leiden University Centre for the Arts in Society) Magistrantka studiów artystyczno-kulturoznawczych Uniwersytetu w Leiden (Holandia).As Warburg’s essay on Albrecht Dürer makes clear and as could already be discerned in his Botticelli essay, the notion of Nachleben involves “an unresolved composite, joining a realistic observation of nature with an idealizing reliance on familiar antique sources.” Within the very different context of the Hopi Indians, a similar claim is found in his assertion that, in view of the scarcity of water – an environmentally-determined crisis – these people developed rituals to gain agency in their situation, such as the Indians of San Ildefonso, who designed masks to resemble their prey (in this case, antelope).It is then through “mimic transformation” into that which he wished to command, that the Indian would “transform his own self and so wrest from nature by magic means something which he feels he cannot attain so long as his personality remains unchanged and unextended.” In viewing Disney’s animations through this lens, it could be argued that in the case of modernity, the crisis is to be allocated, not in what would conventionally be classified as a ‘natural’ source, but in the increasingly technologized and urbanized world and in its mechanization and Taylorization of labour, public transport, infrastructure and all other processes of bodily regulation.

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Absolwentka historii sztuki (z wyróżnieniem) tego uniwersytetu.

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