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I was stiff as my aunt built up the pressure in my balls to unbelievable proportions with the touch of her hot, sucking mouth. I put my tongue deep inside her and licked wherever I could. After a nice session of ass licking,she turned and caught on my dick. She adjusted her position so that I can have more easy move. I don’t expect that much effort from a mother of 3 kids means aged 40. And atlast we both cummed simultaneously and fell tiredly. It being first time was very tight and she tried to pull me. But in my case I can’t wait more for a fuck and at that time u lighted the fire’. At last her husband came and took her and children with him to Dubai. My one hand slowly moved caressing her back, as I held her tight against me. Her vaginal ‘areas’ were not shaved and was full of hair. Nor did I think I had a thing towards elder woman either.

she does have a huge pair tits and a round, shapely ass, she is 46 years. My aunt was surprised and happy to see me told me come in and since Uncle is also on official tour, she is also alone in the house, and my cousins had gone to college and would be back late evening.She looked up at once in a while, her eyes wide open and fill with love. On reaching bedroom, I made her stand by the wall and removed the nighty. Her cries became loud and she began to murmur some words unclear. She told ‘I hadn’t had this much wonderful orgasm in my entire life’. During many of my masterbating session, I thought of her sucking my cock. I started to shiver as she was giving such a nice blow job. She sucked my cock deep inside her mouth and also had her tongue upon my balls. Then put dick onto hers and with a strong push had half inside. Searching through all the sites that contain sex stories I found one the most interesting Kerala Erotica site that publishes stories written by keralites. She came in with a packet of bread and butter and said that it was for my breakfast. She again gave me a sexy smile and didn't told anything She was standing right in front of me in a light green nightee . I was not able to control my feelings and I then touched her breast. We sat for some chat on her settee, with coffee of course. I must have been 19 at the time,and this was a 44 year old mom of 2.I began lifting my hips off the bed to fuck her mouth, and aunt slipped one of her fingers in my ass. After reading all the interesting things that happened to the authors in kerala I decided I should also reveal the secret hidden in my mind . She was in a nightee then and she was looking soo sexy. I could see her two boobs bulging out and that made me out of control. I had no clue what to make of her intrusion at first.She was said I consider her as sexy I told her yes.She came close to me and started kissing me on lips , checks and neck.

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