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Most problems that the rehousing committee has to deal with are not known to most members of Intermate.

This post is made to give insight into these problems.

Wel proberen we plaatsen die vroeger zelfstandige plaatsen zijn geweest (en dus een eigen geschiedenis hebben) zoveel mogelijk onder hun eigen naam te behandelen. Geef dan uw ''Vind deze pagina leuk'' aan onze Facebookpagina van de Provincie Limburg zodat u het als eerste weet wanneer er een plaats bij komt.

En uiteraard kunt u via de knop bovenaan deze pagina met de naam ''Foto Toevoegen'' zelf net zoveel foto's toevoegen als u wilt.

Usually with rehousing, one would always get surprised with how much useless stuff is hiding in your old home. The props from AC and Interteam and many other commissions and events were known, but when we took a look in the big, dark and scary basement, we found out that there was a time that digital photo cameras were non-existent and when hard drives were way too expensive for students.

That means that all areas are open and accessible for everyone, so you can work anywhere anyplace (on the university) and anytime.

I have recently been appointed as an Assistant Professor at the Evolutionary Biology group (Dep.

Ecology and Genetics Uppsala Univ.), and I am currently starting my own laboratory to study how sexual dimorphism evolves when the sexes are constrained by a genetic correlation due to the largely shared genome.

I am also currently studying the role of mitochondrial genetic variation in thermal adaptation and its consequences on reproductive fitness in the sexes.

In my previous work as a post-doctoral researcher in Göran Arnqvist lab I have studied the role of mitochondrial and nuclear genome epistatic interaction in sex-specific life-history and reproductive traits, how mating influences sexual dimorphism in gene expression, the cost of reproduction at both mechanistic and fitness levels, and how the genetic architecture shapes these costs and affects ageing in each sex, using seed beetles as a model system.

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