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Lisa’s former partner Jason "G-Man" Phillips was arrested and jailed for four years after being found in possession of a loaded handgun in 2003. But it was always important for me to make it clear to the press and fans that we don’t condone violence.It was tough being famous and being attached to things that are totally out of your control. It was our real lives.” 21 Seconds spent seven weeks in the UK Top 10 and was one of the biggest selling singles of the year.Gaymers is at this year's Lovebox keeping the party going as the festival's official cider.For the chance for you and your mates to Get In With Gaymers to other festivals and events across the summer, head to hadn’t considered being a popstar, but I sang the lyrics and recorded the vocals anyway, and didn’t think much of it.” That track went on to become So Solid Crew’s first single, ‘Oh No (That’s The Word)’, after a chance performance from the group in Cyprus led to them being approached by a record label.“After I did the vocals, some of the So Solid boys went to Aiya Napa and played the track, and Glyn Aikins, who’s now responsible for A&R at Virgin Records, heard it.He was part of Relentless Records at the time, loved the record and told the boys, ‘When you get back to England, make sure you give us a call. “From there, I was pretty much catapulted into fame and success instantly.

“There was suddenly ridiculous money being pumped into us, video shoots were 100x bigger.”In the years that followed So Solid’s rise to fame, not everyone put their energies into business ventures and several members made the front page of the tabloids.In October 2005, Carl Morgan was sentenced to 30 years for the murder of 24-year-old Colin Scarlett, the partner of his ex-girlfriend. I was affiliated with the wrong people, in the wrong place at the wrong time.It’s 1999 and 19-year-old Lisa Maffia is working in the off-license on her Brixton estate, because it’s the only place that will let her bring her two-year-old daughter to work.By 2001 - age 21 - Lisa will be signing a £350k solo contract in the wake of So Solid Crew’s huge hit, ‘21 Seconds’. “After I gave birth to my daughter Chelsea at 17, my creative dreams took a backseat and I did everything I could to provide for her. So I began working in an off-licence five days a week and looking after her behind the counter.

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They gave me the courage and confidence to become an artist when it didn’t come naturally to me.

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