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Read any of the great works of marine literature, factual or fictional, and the author will find some way to convey that a sailor always sees their vessel as more than a tool or a means to an end. If you cruise, then you spend prolonged periods on your boat.If things go wrong, you can't just drive straight to the nearest garage, as most modern car owners do - you try and fix them. METEOMAN BAROMETER CLIPPER EASY NAVTEX Precision barometer provides an accurate, high resofution barograph recording in excess of five days data of barometric pressure £145 inc vat Easy it is to read new navtex receiver features big, bold characters and Intuittve message formatting.Supplied complete with antenna ‘Requires PC WIN 98 to 8 £247 inc vat £1 35 inc vat New website including spare parts order facility Contents Welcome to the December 2015 issue REGULARS BOATS 5 Waiting for the tide The editor’s welcome to this month’s PBO 6 News Cat-carrying sailor jumps to safety, Hurley owners’ golden anniversary., and more 9 PBO products and services Books and plans from the PBO Shop 12 Regionai news 22 An overseas overview Peter Poland’s pick of foreign-built best-selling boats from 28-30ft 46 40 years, 40 boats One reader’s boat-owning history 61 Curing a heavy heim Causes and solutions Consent refused for Navitus Bay wind farm, Henry V warship found...In a few short minutes he watched his home and his livelihood slip to the bottom of the ocean. He must feel devastated, and I wish him all the best in getting back on his feet and back on the water in the near future. The fact that Julian's loss happened under tow and while he was asleep, having temporarily relinquished responsibility for his boat, helps to highlight another point, made by Martin Bence-Wilkins, the author of the first item in our Letters pages (see page 14).

The bond he develops with the ship is so strong that he and his friend Maturin acquire her as a private command later in life.The more time you spend on board and the more you achieve, the closer this bond becomes.Patrick O'Brian understands this perfectly in his description of the relationship between his hero Jack Aubrey and his first permanent frigate commanci.In Julian's case, his life was secure, but no one noticed that his boat was taking on water until it was too late to do anything about it.In Martin's case, the contractors had, they thought, done the job, but they failed to check their work. The lesson from both these stories, different as they are, has to be that the only way to look after your boat to your satisfaction is to do it yourself.

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