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Through many diffrent situations, we follow the life of a family, friends, love (revered and unclaimed), and through the episodes new characters (guest stars) appear, which additionally ...

See full summary » Croatian TV viewers watched 'Ne daj se Nina' at the same time when the two other TV series based on the same plot were aired. (2006), the other being the Mexican soap La fea más bella (2006) (translated as 'Ruzna ljepotica').

Brlek has excellent grades and perfect curriculum, but fails to find a good job because of her looks.

She tries to get a job at H-Moda, a fashion company directed by Victor Glowatzky, who plans to retire, and pass his business to his son, David.

The latter was one of the rare TV series ever to be dubbed in Croatian.

Foreign TV programs are usually subtitled in Croatia.

Barbara wants Patricija keeps an eye on David, who is a famous bachelor and womanizer. At first, Nina is naive, and she lets everyone joke about her. Eventually, she falls in love with David (between episode 34 and 45) and almost tells him, but he makes up with Barbara in end of episode 45.

Nedostaje joj ponešto manira, društvene snalažljivosti, samopouzdanja i estetske uglađenosti.

Iako zavidne biografije, Nina ne uspeva dobiti posao u prestižnoj hrvatskoj modnoj kući "H-Moda", koja pod svojom upravom izdaje i časopis "Helena".

The show began in 2007, and had its premiere on 29 October 2007 in Serbia, on Fox televizija.

RTL Televizija broadcast the show in early 2008 in its winter schedule from 3 January 2008.

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Nina is not invited to David and Barbara's wedding.

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