Leo woman dating cancer man

If you let your Fire Lion dominate the relationship, be in charge, and if you praise him/her properly and often enough, you have big chances, especially if you control your jealousy and emotional outbursts - because Leo doesn't get it when it comes to such strong and loose feelings.The question is: how long will it take until you get tired? Leo is passionate, fervent and has a very keen artistic (especially theatrical) sense.You can easily become too sensitive and passive, while he will become too demanding and insensitive in his romantic overtures.Of course, if this leaves you cold, it makes him feel inadequate; a problem for one of you is a problem for both. He needs to hear it, and the more he gets the more he wants.Water vs Fire - Water can drench even a forest fire, but a strong, or "Fixed Fire" like that of Leo takes a lot of water.Because Leo is a Fixed sign, this is really a difficult elemental combination.If you do manage to make all the adjustments necessary to achieve a state of calm, a solid relationship can grow from there.

Jupiter is exalted in your sign, and gives you the desire to expand your horizons, and conserve your financial resources.And any solar system has other things to do besides moving around the Sun all the time.In other words, maybe there are other things you want to do with your life...Cardinal vs Fixed - Being born under a Cardinal sign, you may find yourself in a position where you have to take the lead, and this is likely to happen more than once in your life.Leo is a Fixed sign, making it difficult for him to take advice, but always willing to give it.

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It's unlikely that you'll consciously cheat on your loveable Leo; but telling him so won't do much good.

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