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There her stage partners were such actors as Nikolai Karachentsov, Gennadi Khazanov, Oleg Yankovskiy, Leonid Bronevoy, Aleksandr Abdulov, Armen Dzhigarkhanian, Aleksandr Zbruyev, and other notable Russian actors.

The old man tried to crack the egg open but couldn’t. Not a golden one, but a simple one.” Entire articles have been written about the meaning of the story, and Goldstein offers her own interpretation.During her school years she was fond of theatre and attended an acting class at Stanislavsky Theatre in Moscow.From 1960 - 1965 she attended Schepkin Theatrical School at Maly Theatre, graduating in 1965 as an actress.Many ordinary Russian traditions evoke surprise and incomprehension of foreigners. For example, a nice dress and high heels they consider appropriate attire for a simple stroll or even for ordinary trip to the store.Russian girl is a flower, leaning over the weak men, they forgive them and twirl them as they wish. Almost everyone loves to travel, and the young, attractive girls, probably more than anyone else.

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Churikova was designated Peoples Artist of the USSR (1991) and People's Artist of Russia.

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