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Karan says it’s his reputation that is at stake, his high class girlfriends…

He then tells Rakhi they must arrange for the same ring in Preeta’s hands. Sarla hurriedly instructs her brother to serve the food right after the ceremony. Rishab tries to tell Rakhi that Preeta must wear this ring. She sits to enjoy the kheer but Sherlin comes to take the bowl off her hand, then hurries to Kareena and tells her it contains rat poison. PRECAP: Shrishti comes home to Preeta and Rishab and says a lot of people fall ill in the hall and blames the food. There, Sherlin tells Kareena she did it as a revenge to Rakhi, it will bring a little pain but no one would die.

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Rishab was happy that even fate desires the ring be in someone else’s finger. Kritika gives the ring to Rishab who was lost in thoughts of Preeta, he feels upset while looking towards Preeta. Preeta also cheers Rishab who finally comes to Sherlin but again turns to look at Preeta for once. Rishab finally agrees but only if everyone else also dance with their partner. Later, Shrishti and Sameer give a rash performance.

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