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Once they have a child, women face strong social pressure to quit their jobs and assume very traditional roles, serving both the husband and the child.

Mothers who want to keep working are stigmatized and usually find that employers won't hire them.

Pazu and Sheeta sharing a fried egg on toast in ...

The article also cited the phrase , or "celibacy syndrome," as if it were a major trend.

Hundreds of thousands of young men are ) But most Japanese young people do have friends and relationships — they're just not settling down.

The marriage rate has plummeted, and with it the birthrate, since out-of-wedlock births are rare in Japan.

Parents, and especially mothers, often enable the withdrawal.

"In Japan, mothers and sons often have a symbiotic, codependent relationship," says psychiatrist Tamaki Saito, who first identified the disorder in the 1990s.

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