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The carbon fiber insert is the solution to the problem.Now, I’m told that this version of the shoe has a different carbon fiber plate in it, and that it is not curved for its spring-properties.Instead, it is designed to unload the calves in the face of increased stiffness from the plate.That may be another benefit, and the testimony of a few athletes does suggest that the Vaporfly achieves this, because they say they don’t experience anything like the local muscle fatigue and pain at the end of, or after, long runs.Be it doping in sport, hot topics like Caster Semenya or Oscar Pistorius, or the dehydration myth, we try to translate the science behind sports and sports performance. So having suggested an increase in the frequency of short “thought crossed my mind” posts the other day, this is a longer one(!), on the Nike Vaporfly Elite shoe that will be worn in Nike’s Breaking 2 attempt (and which has been worn by numerous runners before, too).So the first potential problem in that situation was that a better athlete comes along, and with the same technology might run 43.3s, or even faster.Then you’d be scrambling to ban the technology, and it would very obviously be because he was too fast, and that’s all kinds of discriminatory.

It becomes a problem only when it becomes too obvious, but it’s not too obvious until it’s too late!And thus cutting that technological progression off at the outset is important.Applying the same model to competitive situations, how do you know that Athlete X is not beating Y because of that small (or large) advance in tech?The article originated with an email exchange I had with someone who knows the shoe, and who got me thinking about the concepts, which I’ve expanded on over the last couple of weeks. My position would be that any device inserted into the shoe, and which purports to add to energy return or elastic recoil or stiffness should be banned.Basically, I think there are two historical cases in play: The Pistorius advantage, which draws a direct line to this, and the Speedo LZR Racer swimsuit and subsequent suits, which illustrate a couple of conceptual issues. That means the carbon fiber plate, or plastic etc but not necessarily the gels/air patches that offer cushioning, and not the foam, either.

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So in my opinion, if you can’t eliminate this as a possible future outcome because the magnitude of the advantage can’t be quantified with precision, then I think the technology should be banned presently.

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