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Create Free Advisor Profile Create Free Insurance Profile Create Free CPA Profile Succession Link interviews Anonymous seller Jason to share his success story and the strategy he employed for selling his practice anonymously in just a few months of being a premier member of Succession Link marketplace.

The needs of these clients were demanding, as they borrowed and withdrew from their retirement accounts as needs and wants easily overwhelmed them.

The TSA business was a great business, but not for me. The owner of the TSA house suggested I would be a good fit for LPL and transferred to LPL on his advice.

In fact, she doesn't even like her late father's grunge band.

"I'd give anything to hear the sound of her heels walking down the hall past my bedroom." Frances even once took out a temporary restraining order on her mom.At LPL I was able to grow my business by becoming an OSJ and training new advisors.The OSJ was successful and I sold the OSJ to an advisor I had trained, while keeping 35 families that I enjoyed working with. The running joke was who was going to die first, so far I was winning, as I sadly lost clients. I communicated with about 15 advisors, looked them up on Broker Check, and then sat down with 6 of them. Thank you Succession Link, I discovered the value of my business, in your marketplace.Being a financial advisor since 1987, I had various experiences.First with a “Penny Brokerage” firm known as Blind them and Rob them.

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