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Paul and Eben Pagan called ‘Deep Inner Game’ that is part of Eben’s ‘Double Your Dating’ series and although I am not really interested in doubling my dating at the moment, I thought it was interesting and relevant for the Sex God Project.

Inner Game is a term that has been used to describe mental preparation for athletes and seems to be as important as physical preparation to achieve one’s goals as an athlete. Paul developed an integrated psychological model that according to him leads to a well balanced male psyche and offers the necessary directions to achieve it. His integrated model consist of the following four parts: For the Sex God Project, emotional energy should be the main focus at the moment since it will make us understand what got us in that position that I am, and so many others are, in in the first place and subsequently make us understand what prevents us from overcoming it. Paul even states that understanding his model of emotional energy gives you the necessary knowledge to solve any emotional problem as long as they have a psychological and not a biological cause.

It’s the ability to be aware and empathize with others and see differing points of view. You’ll suddenly have an instinctive, in-flight GPS—a natural guide for how to feel and behave in every situation that shows a woman that you’re everything she’s been looking for… About the Author: David De Angelo Eben Pagan, under the long-time moniker David De Angelo, has been teaching men how to have greater success with women and dating effectively for over 15 years.

In order to locate oneself as a dominant archetype, we also have to include the mental spectrum (the Magician archetype) that consist of intuition on the one end and intellect on the other.

But at the end of the day, it’s just the surface and really won’t bring the change that I intended. These aspects are important because they build the physical context but in order to truly overcome my porn-induced erectile dysfunction I apparently have to address the mind as much as I did the physical realm, if not even more so.

A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled upon a program by Dr.

The reason we experience anger is hurt and the reason we experience anxiety is loss.

Our goal is to transform emotional negative energy into emotional positive energy but before I get to how we can do that I want to dig deeper into the underlaying dynamics for anxiety because anxiety seems to play a pretty important part in porn-induced erectile dysfunction. This is a way to quickly release anxiety through dopamin.

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