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So we are focusing solely on what previously happened with Sheila on B&B.

That’s my universe and the only way I can embrace the character right now. ML: Meaning Eric Forrester never got word about the Sheila-Phyllis switcheroo?

You can see what he looks like without the hairpiece in this photo he put up a couple years ago. I watched for abit last week and I was mortified by what has become of Y&R. These are characters with lead storylines where nothing happens. Bad storytelling with characters that no one cares about. Sorry folks but Y&R is the worst that it has ever been. ) who told Cane they slept together in Japan even though it probably never happened. Tessa is coaching Nikki on the electric piano for Nikki's concert for charity. But Graham and the cute Doctor helping Chloe are on the show and both ping big time.And the old ladies with 50 cats fall for it everytime. Getting rid of the most boring writer ever, Sally Sucksman is the best move ever to save the show.I LOL at the gay fraus who keep defending Sally's BORING writing. I just tuned in this week for a bit of one episode. His hairline is perfect which is not normal for 90% of men.[Laughs] At times we try to mirror reality on B&B and be grounded. We’re telling a story here.”The fall out from the sexual harassment suit should be good.Cane will be exposed but Juliet clearly never slept with him in Japan - she lied to manipulate all of this.

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[Laughs] Yeah, that seemed like way too much to deal with, so I really didn’t give Sheila much thought for quite a while.

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  1. From dinners to hanging out at parties and concerts together, appearing on each other's Instagram stories and fans even ran into the pair together, naturally everyone was shipping them.