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An important and thought-provoking article written by Samuel V. Catholic Chronicle I: Eating the Flesh of Deity by Keith Green -What is the Catholic doctrine of transubstantiation? Catholic Chronicle II: Jesus Dies Again by Keith Green -What is the meaning and Biblical basis of the Catholic doctrine of the Sacrifice of the Mass?Catholic Chronicle III: Salvation According to Rome by Keith Green -What are the Catholic teachings on Salvation and Penance? Catholic Chronicle IV: What did Vatican II really change?

For now, contact us and request a printed copy of our library contents.

Answers in Genesis Presents material supporting Biblical Creation. The Meridian Date - Jewish Encyclopedia reference to the IDL. A Traveler's Guide To The International Dateline Rabbi Dovid Heber. Thanks to my son Tim, who has helped me set up this WEB site.

This site has an area where answers to current topics on the Creation/Evolution debate are posted (Note: This is not a Sabbatarian site and is pro-GMO.) Institute of Creation Research Similar to AIG website but includes many excellent research articles. A Judaic summary of their most common positions on the IDL. Thanks to Cyberlink Access Systems for graciously allowing us to set up this Page on their system.

Online Bible for Windows is a high quality Bible Search and Study program which is produced by Larry Pierce of Canada on a Freeware Basis. Modules available for downloading include the Authorised King James version bible text, Strong's Lexicon, Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary, Treasury of Scripture Knowledge, Online Bible Topics, the Greek Textus Receptus and the Hebrew Biblia Hebraica.

It can be purchased, at minimal cost, on CD-ROM or the most popular sections of the program can be downloaded from Online Bible Ministries at The Online Bible for Smartphones and the Online Bible for Macs is also available. An honest look at abortion and its effects on the mother and baby.

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