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But with all those lights (and critique of consumer culture), it may be hard to tell the difference.According to Guinness World Records, the largest human Christmas tree in the world was assembled on December 19, 2015, in Chengannur, India.In early July, gardeners plant more than 5,000 poinsettia cuttings from 25 separate cultivars in their greenhouse gardens in preparation for their holiday show.The tree itself is composed of 720 potted poinsettias, which are replaced halfway through the show to maintain the tree’s texture, color, and bloom.Some 4,030 participants—most of them local school children—sported green, red, or brown hats and shirts, depending on which part of the tree they represented.The previous record was set in the capital city of Tegucigalpa, Honduras, in 2014, with 2,945 volunteers and government employees.

The modern Christmas tree is most often traced back to the Renaissance, typically to protestant reformer Martin Luther himself.

The festive display is often accompanied by life-size LEGO reindeer, a sleigh, and a jolly LEGO Santa. Sculpted by Team Sandtastic—an internationally renowned sand-sculpting team—Sandi climbs nearly 35 feet high on the West Palm Beach Waterfront and steals the show during the city’s month-long Holiday in Paradise celebration.

You know it’s a popular attraction when it has it’s own Twitter account: @Sandi Tree WPBCreated in 1998 by French sculptor Pierre Vivant, the “Traffic Light Tree” originally stood on a roundabout near London’s Canary Wharf, but has since been relocated to a different roundabout near Billingsgate Market.

The Jack Daniels’ Barrel Tree is exactly what it sounds like: a Christmas tree crafted entirely from 53-gallon Jack Daniels’ whiskey barrels.

The tree requires 140 empty barrels, each one weighing 115 pounds.

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The antlers were first assembled on the lawn of Kimble Processing in 1968.

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