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"We’ve put months of investigation into making larger city sizes, reworking the terrain maps, changing the routing algorithms of our agent-based system and altering the way that Glass Box processes the data in a larger space," he revealed."After months of testing, I confirm that we will not be providing bigger city sizes.

"I can’t make any promises on when we will have more information, but we know this is something that many of our players have been asking for.While the server connectivity issues are behind us, we would like to give our players the ability to play even if they choose not to connect.An offline mode would have the additional benefit of providing room to the modding community to experiment without interfering or breaking the multiplayer experience." While that's the good news, there's also some bad news - Maxis has stated it's unable to create bigger cities now or ever due to technical restraints, meaning players will have to make do with the frustratingly small plots of land they've complained about since the game's launch.Roblox is a very popular online multi player game similar in appearance to Minecraft.Roblox was launched in 2006 and now has 30 Million active users.

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