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The i Phone gives no indication that the camera is being used or that the photos are being uploaded to the internet.'i OS users often grant camera access to an app soon after they download it (e.g., to add an avatar or send a photo),' he wrote in a blog post.'These apps, like a messaging app or any news-feed-based app, can easily track the users face, take pictures, or live stream the front and back camera, without the user’s consent.'In Apple's latest operating system, i OS11, permission to access your camera means apps can use the software's facial recognition system.

This means that malicious apps could be used to secretly detect the emotions of users.

Young adults lead the pack with an astonishing average of 109.5 messages sent or received on a normal day, while older users text about a dozen times a day.

It's easy to see why texting has become more popular: Your messages are waiting whenever you have a chance to take a glance, they're easy to answer and it's faster to skim texts than listen to voicemail.

An engineer was able to build an app that silently takes a picture of its user every second and then secretly uploads them to the internet (stock image)An expert has shown that when an app has permission to access the camera, once opened it can take photos and videos of the user at any time.

Mr Krause demonstrated this by building a malicious app that took a photo of its user every second and also tapped into a facial recognition programme.That makes it much harder to hack into someone's account – but users have to enable it themselves.To make it simple to generate – and remember – long, strong and unique passwords, subscribe to a reputable password manager that suggests strong passwords and stores them in an encrypted file on your own computer.You can also revoke camera access for all apps and always use the built-in camera app to protect yourself.When an app wants to access your camera, for instance to take a profile photo during set-up, it must first ask for permission.

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