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The “Jersey Shore” alum and the Danity Kane singer found romance in the past few weeks since living together in a group house while filming the series, which also stars “Real Housewife” Brandi Glanville and “Bachelorette” star Josh Murray as they attempt to get to the root of the issues that have made them “Famously Single.” O’Day, 31, recently posted a photo of herself cuddled up in the arms of Pauly, 35, but has since deleted the affectionate snap from her Instagram account.

So yeah, we met on the show […] And it ended up just, like, becoming, like, this chemistry happened within the house with a few of the cast mates and Pauly and I were one of them,” the songstress tells Though they are seeing one another, Aubrey also reveals that they don’t refer to themselves as “boyfriend” and “girlfriend” yet. And it ended up just like becoming like this chemistry happened within the house with a few of the castmates, and Pauly and I were one of them. It’s nothing serious at this point but they’re both open to seeing where it goes,” the source said, adding that the couple is planning to celebrate O’Day’s upcoming 32nd birthday in the Cayman Islands, where Pauly has a DJing gig. “The show is about all of us coming together, dating, learning through a dating coach how to go out there and approach people that are better suited for us and kind of get over the issues that we were having.“[Our] label is always ‘enjoying the moment.’ That’s the label I feel comfortable with,” she says.stars dished on their future plans together — and even offered some advice for making relationships work (my, how times have changed LOL).

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You'll find out that it's not and you can always work through anything." We can't wait to see what comes next for these lovebirds!

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