Are peter facinelli and elizabeth reaser dating 2016

Doris must find a way to balance her new and old friends and also win her man.Hello, My Name is Doris actually started out as an eight minute short called Doris and the Intern, written and directed by Laura Terruso.

However, it is likely that they were never more than good friends as Facinelli was married to his wife Jennie Garth at the time.

While this news has been spreading within the industry, it has neither been confirmed nor denied by the actress herself.

Reaser, despite being famous, has managed to keep her private life rather secret, which might be why she has been silenct about the subject.

According to reports, she has been dating a non-celebrity for a few months.

The name of her new alleged boyfriend is yet to be uncovered.

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In 2008, before Reaser met her new love, there was an ongoing gossip that the actress was dating Peter Facinelli, her co-star who played the lovable Dr.

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