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Masek (Dame Topaz), Nancy Pirri (Dame Sapphire), Barbara Raffin (Dame Jade), Jane Toombs (Dame Turquoise), Janet Lane Walters (Dame Amber), Karen Wiesner (Dame Amethyst), C. Winters (Dame Tanzanite) and Karen Woods (Dame Coral). No, we're not cigar smokers, we're just a group of authors discussing reading, writing, and whatever matters to us in any given moment.

We'll talk about what we do, how we do it, what we love about it, and maybe even what we don't. There will be contests, guests, giveaways, news, goodies and nuggets of wisdom we can share.

Alison Stuart, Allison Butler, Anne Brear (Whitfield), Annie Seaton, Bronwyn Stuart, Cassandra Samuels, Cheryl Leigh, Christina Phillips, Dana Scully, Danielle Lisle, Elle Fynllay, Erin Grace, Joanne Boog, Maggi Andersen, Mary de Haas, Sandie Hudson, Sheridan Kent, Suzi Love, Tamara Gill We are a group of over 160 authors writing in the sub-genres of alternative history, dark fantasy, fantasy, futuristic, horror, light paranormal fiction, magic realism, paranormal fiction, science fiction, supernatural fiction, and young adult speculative fiction. Jewels of the Quill is a group of award-winning women authors.

Be it fantasy, paranormal, dark urban fantasy, futuristic and everything in between. Sheridan Colleen Simpson Tracie Sommers Nicky Strickland Mel Teshco Joanne Vogel Carrie Alexander, Sarah Addison Allen, Dawn Atkins, Jamie Denton, Delores Fossen, Candy Halliday, Liz Jarrett, Holly Jacobs, Dorien Kelly, Tanya Michaels, Cindi Myers, Natalie Stenzel, Shanna Swendson, Nancy Warren, Lori Wilde, Cathy Yardley If you like your heroes dark and deliciously dangerous, then this is the group for you.Jess Anastasi Maree Anderson Keri Arthur Amanda Ashby Christina Ashcroft Kitty Bucholtz Jodie C Angela Castle Astrid Cooper Peta Crake Rowena Cory Daniells Michelle de Rooy Jessica Dorney Alexis Fleming Theresa Fuller Lara Galea S. Here we'll discuss books and movies and television shows featuring characters who live in the shadows...vampires, werewolves, demons, fae... Hancock, Dawn Mc Clure and Suzanne Rock, Embrace the Shadows welcomes lovers and writers of paranormal romance in all its dark forms.The Glass Slipper Sisters is a group of 15 authors who have published Cinderella-themed romance novels.On Wings of Murder is the online home of a group of mystery writers dubbed Murder X5. Blog posts from the Naughty Nine three days a week, guest bloggers once a week, excerpts from all on Theme Thursday, weekend reviews and news and a monthly party on the 9th with giveaways and fun!We came together to promote our novels, all published in September 2008 by Wings e Press. Four contemporary Authors who want to pool their resources for promotions, and discussions, etc.

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