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“I had my family/and I had my friends/but oh how I wanted to be with him again,” she sighs, lamenting a “shitty year”.For all the flash and flair, the freshest, most intimate moments here are the result of holding back.the same way that any relationship works: It strikes an awkward and completely unlikely balance with itself. ” goes the first line of the chorus, but they never ask themselves what they're doing or why, because they know—of course they know, or they wouldn't be putting themselves through all this.The last line of the chorus, repeated twice, shows their hand: “You pull me out of the dark and now it's light / You pull me out of the dark and now it's light.” I went to visit Joe this weekend, went up to North Carolinafor the past year and a half.With an end-of-the-pier synth whirling away in the background, ‘The Pieces’ emulates the poppier edges of former labelmates Metronomy’s found-object funk and the title track is saturated with deviant disco menace, like an evil ABBA.

It works the same way long-distance relationships work?or maybe two bedrooms, miles and miles apart, filmed in split-screen.They're together and they're apart; they waver between impatience and loneliness and these brief, small moments of shared joy.The song so singularly encapsulated so many of the feelings of my own long-distance relationship that it was physically painful to hear—and in that way it was unlike any song I'd heard in the last seven-and-a-half-years.That's how long my boyfriend Joe and I have been together, most of that time spent 120 to 330 miles apart as we juggled college and work and grad school and each other. Because I know he probably is.) By now, we're close to being masters at it, but it's still hard?

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